Faith and
God's Will


Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. Both substance and evidence are real and tangible in the physical dimension. It is what we base facts on so they stand up in court. Isn't it interesting that the author of Hebrews used those words to describe faith! That's how real faith is yet it is spiritual, not physical.

God's will for us is never a burden. It is always a blessing. If we think he wants us to do something and we feel compelled, forced, impatient, unsure, doubtful or unpleasant about it, it is a burden and not his will or it's not the right timing yet. A burden always carries a curse. It is doing our own thing in a self-righteous way with our own capabilities. It is getting ahead of God. God's will always is loving and makes us feel right and good. We strongly desire to do it and it carries healing and blessing. There is always an annointing of anticipation and passion in our hearts and a peaceful knowing that God will do it, not us. He always prepares us for his will to be carried out.

It is always easy because he is doing it and not us. If we are doing something we think God wants us to do and it is hard, it is not him doing it. We are doing it and following our own will. If we are sacrificing and suffering, we are immersed in our own stuff, not God's will. Sometimes Satan tries to get us to step out ahead of God with a parallel plan. It looks so good but we just feel wierd about it, like we're not capable or we're too capable! If we are so assured of ourselves and not in faith that he will do it, the enemy has a curse laid out for us to step into. The assurance must be in faith that according to the word of revelation given us, the work is already accomplished!

If we are angry, fearful, irritated or frustrated, we are not in God's will for us. Maybe we are afraid of his will because it does not fit our idea of what his will should be. Maybe he is trying to get us to do something that we are resisting. If we quit resisting and become accepting instead, we will lose the negative emotions motivating us. Then he will prepare us for what he wants us to do. If we let go and surrender our control of things and trust God, he will set us free.

Claiming freedom means nothing. We are either free or we aren't. If we claim freedom but still feel all tied up inside and can't do the things that make us feel good and happpy, we are not free. Jesus said "If I make you free, you shall be free indeed." Not some name it claim it thing, but the reality of total freedom.

Sometimes we think we have to get God's promises and gifts by our own effort. We have to force thoughts and scriptures in our mind to get clean or free or loving. We repeat words or phrases hoping we can create enough faith to get what we want from God. He never told us to do it that way. When we know God's will, we can stand on the word and align our will with God's in faith. We can stand on the word when Satan confronts us with his lies. We can stand on the word when confronted with doubt or fear. We can use the word to praise and worship and declare His will but rote repeating of scripture or positive verse won't bring the victory we need.

When the desire in our heart lines up with the revelated word within our spirit, that is from God, victory is assured. We should carefully evaluate words from our mind. Only the Spirit brings the victory. "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts." Only the spirit gives the gifts we so desire and need. Never us or anything we do. But faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, it is not hoping and wishing.

Faith is knowing God and his ways enough, in the experiences of your own life and in his revelations of personal truth to you, to stake your life and all those you care about on his love and the living reality of his word. The more you know personally and understand the things of the spiritual world and God's workings in this world, the more faith you have.

It isn't God who causes harm, but it is when we let Satan in that we have a glitch in our faith in God. It's like when we say we believe God for one of his promises and then think of "what if's" or "buts" that negate the force of it."A double minded man is unstable in all his ways, think not that he shall receive anything from the Lord". Satan's helpers are always in position, waiting for an opening or inroad into our thoughts to destroy the works of God. God tests our faith as part of our spiritual growth but Satan tempts us into sin. If we don't pass God's test, we become succeptable to Satan's temptation in that area. if we don't resist Satan's temptation, we fall into it and the personal curses it engenders. Being double minded means as we try to stand on the word of God in faith we are also projecting our faith into the doubts and fears Satan is sending us.

We will receive what we truly believe we will get in the end. God is trying to tell us to make our eye single to his glory. As we submit to him and ask him to change this double mindedness, the Holy Spirit does the work in us and aligns us with God's will in every matter that comes upon our heart. Each of these supernatural changes makes us more free in the victory of Christ (our higher or "Christ" consciousness). Freedom is the result of the single minded stand we make in Christ and his victory for us in every area of our lives.

When you get tired of going round and round with no results other than misery trying to do it your own way to satisfy your own needs, you can try it God's way. Jesus said, "come unto me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest because my yoke is easy and my burden is light."(Matthew 11:28-30). What a relief to rest in the knowledge that he, through your own personal Christ consciousness, is in control and you, in your suffering striving world-consciousness, don't have to be any more!

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