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I have been observing Iran for many years and I know that their stand on nuclear weapons (as well as chemical weapons) are to never develop them. IAEA confirms Iran's commitment to obligations under JCPOA The IAEA has never found evidence of it and Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei, the current Supreme Leader of Iran, denounces it as against their religions precepts. Unbiased research proves this, as well as proving that the US government took huge amounts of Iranian's money out of American banks and the money returned to them by the latest agreement was their own money stolen by the US. Sanctions were never necessary as there was never a nuclear bomb program and they should have the rest of the money owed them returned also. Do your homework and you will realize a new view of the beautiful ancient Persian culture now known as Iran.

Their Islamic state leadership is how true Islam should be, not the false ISIS and terrorist lies and evil actions by mercenaries from practically every country in the world that are trying to destroy Syria right now and causing terror everywhere. They don't care about Islam or the Muslim religion at all. They just use it for their own devious purposes.

It appears as if the new administration of Donald Trump is set to follow all the lies of the previous administrations and undo the positive agreements that Obama worked so hard to accomplish with Iran. I was hoping Donald Trump would not be so gullible but would do some serious research to find out the truth. Whether he just wants to keep the lies going for political reasons or is just ignorant about Iran, it is not a good sign for the Middle East peace process. It seems the US wants to keep the Palestinians down and imprisoned and Iran from having influence (sorry,too late) in the Middle East. These are the two things that need to change for the peace process to occur. Israel and Saudi Arabia are the countries supporting the terrorists along with the US. Iran is and has been actively fighting against terrorism. They are not terrorists. Neither are Palestinians who are trying to keep some semblance of their country as Israel pulls it out from under them.

Top Iranian General Slams Trump With Own 'Game of Thrones' Meme

Russia-Turkey deal on Syria's Idlib 'was Iran's idea'

Up to 25 killed, 50+ injured during attack on military parade in Iran - state media (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Iran Hawks in Washington

Iran says US must end its practice of breaking international law

Iran hauls US before intl. court over 'illegal' sanctions

Ayat. Khamenei: No negotiations with cheating, bullying US

Why Trump Cancelled the Iran Deal

Trump says anyone trading with Iran will not trade with US as sanctions come into force

US Ready to Strike Iran in August

Iran: What Trump Is Not Telling You. What is "The Donald" Concealing?

UN nuclear watchdog chief inspector suddenly bows out, sets off speculations

Iran managed to foil US terrorist plot in Middle East: Leader

Why US Subversion Flopped in Iran

Iran and India Are a Match Made in Heaven, And US Threats Won't Stop Them

Since 1979, Iran Has Championed the Cause of Palestinian Self-determination

Persian carpet artistic narrative of Iranian history, culture

'Leader, we're ready!' 10,000s march in Iran in support of govt & Khamenei (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Iranians hold nationwide rallies to denounce riots, back Islamic establishment

Trump seeks to take advantage of riots in Iran

Iran Intelligence Ministry nabs several agents behind riots

Tehran Acquires Breakthrough Technology to Manufacture Nuclear Batteries

Russia Begins Construction of Two Nuclear Plants in Iran in Deal Worth $10 Billion

Iran's Presidents - A Veterans Today political history primer with Hamed Ghashghavi

The US Persistently Seeks to Destabilize Iran. Why is Washington So Deeply Concerned about Tehran's Regional Influence in the Middle East?

Vladimir Putin, the 'Master of Body Language' - Iran Reacts to President's Visit

Case of inspection of Iran's military sites closed forever: AEOI

Iran, EU must stand against US destructive, incorrect moves: Rouhani

Fact Checking Benjamin Netanyahu's General Assembly Speech - The speech was full of downright lies and "alternative facts". Here is the reality.

US Sanctions Continue to Backfire: China Opens $10 Billion Credit Line for Iran

Saudis' destructive policies harming region, kingdom itself: Iran's FM

Top Iranian general meets Turkish president

US must swiftly release jailed Iranians,
assets: Judiciary chief

Top Iranian General Visits Syrian Army Base, Just
20 Kilometers From a US Base in Southern Syria

Total's deal bares Europe-US split on Iran

Pointing the Finger at Saudi? Tehran Attack First Against Iran in 35 Years

Global condemnation pours in over deadly terror attacks in Tehran

Saudi-Led Isolation of Doha 'Aimed at Bringing Qatar to Heel' Over Iran Stance

Hassan Rouhani Wins Second Term as Iran's President

Pakistan, Iran Cautiously Shift Toward 'Brotherly' Relations

Enemies seeking to disrupt Iran's security: Ayatollah Khamenei

US Senate Pushes Through Anti-Iran Bill

Iranian nomads' cultural and sports festival: Photos

Military Alliances: Russia Backs Iran's Full Membership in Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

Iran ex-president registers for upcoming elections

Iran - And Her "Economy of Resistance"

Iran, Russia closely cooperating on fighting terrorism: Rouhani

Iran announces sanctions on 15 US companies

US better watch moves more carefully in Persian Gulf: Iran

US sanctions 11 firms, individuals for transferring technology to Iran

At US Behest Turkey Reboots Syrian War

Why Trump Is Targeting Iran

Russia & China Stand up for Iran Against Trump

Breaking: Iranian Media: "Trump Is on Course to Break Us"

Trump's Press Secretary Falsely Accuses Iran of Attacking U.S. Navy Vessel, "an Act of War"

Iran's response will be 'effective & immediate' if Trump tears up nuclear deal - top official to RT

War between USA and Iran possible again

Trump Team Targets Iran

A Christian Christmas in Snowy Iran

Iran's unique medicines ready to flood market

Neocons Urge War on Iran

Trump Should Make Peace With Iran Too, Not Just Russia

US Senate Set to Extend Iran Sanctions

West dual policies on Israel nukes threat to Mideast, NPT: Iran

Iran seeks secure, stable Iraq: Parliament speaker

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