Gaining control
of my mind

"...And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you many prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God." Romans:1-2
We identify all incoming data from our environment based on one of two premises. One is based on faulty interpretations from our established belief system created by emotional feelings of what already has proven to make us feel better. The other premise is based on truth from our own inner spirit connected to the Spirit of God within us.

We need to realize that we are not our mind but our mind is a tool used by us and we are a living, responding consciousness in spirit form. Our mind allows us to function and communicate on the physical plane. It is comprised of words, images and resulting connections or solidifications caused by emotions and feelings as we relate in the physical world.

It is a scientifically proven fact that human beings will follow the path of least resistance; they will stop at the first acceptable idea that comes along which offers them the least possible work. That's why very few web searchers go past the first three pages on a search engine to click on a website URL for the information they are seeking. The mind will almost always utilize the first acceptable words it is presented with. It will identify incoming information according to ideas already programmed into their belief system without any question or thought whether it is true or not to the present situation.

Moving from unconscious mind response to control of our thoughts and the corresponding actions requires a strong decision. It takes firm intention to create something new and we have to have a serious determination to break down the established programs we have been comfortable with.

We accept a premise offered by our mind because it invokes emotions according to past familiar events and how they made us feel. If it makes us remember good things, we buy into it. If it brings back some former unpleasantness, we will shut out what's being offered and look for something else with no thought or idea that it may be different this time.

In this way, how we identify things and relate emotionally to them on a continual basis establishes our inner belief system. This system relates to everything in our life we have knowledge of and have had experience with. All of our thought patterns which create what we do, are the basic data that is the foundation for what we believe, in everything. It's like our computer hard drive containing already accepted information put in catorgorized folders to be used when we need it for something we are doing. At some point we decided that we had a good reason to save that information for future use because it was important to us. Our mind's belief system works in the same manner. Feelings or emotions give us a decision point to keep the information handy in case we encounter the same incoming data in the future. The unconscious desire to save ourselves time and work and keep ourselves comfortable is always in operation.

Human beings are basically insecure. Familiarity makes us feel safe and comfortable whether it's based on truth or lies or whether it's good for us or not. Emotion and feeling cause something to be important to us and after many responses of the same kind we gain familiarity and familiarity gives us the comfort we so long for. This is how emotion and feeling create the criteria of what goes into our belief system data bank.The belief system of an individual is the control panel of the life they live. This is why there are streams of negative events or streams of positive events, or a mixture of each in any given life. Life brings us what we believe it will based on our unconscious acceptance of what's in our data bank.

Our belief system is always doing its part correctly by being the unbiased contributing base of information diligently created there by us for guiding and directing our lives into what we have established it to be. We may consciously want something very different, but we don't know that we set our belief foundation up to thwart ourselves at every turn. Our intention may be to respond a certain way or do a certain thing but it won't satisfy us or bring the success we want because our belief system is contrary to it. If we want something different in our lives, our belief system must be transformed and this starts with changing our thoughts.

You can release your thoughts throughout the day and learn to rest your mind by focusing fully on your tasks. To do this, think about whatever you are doing, like sewing or drawing or working in the garden. The normal flow of thoughts is suspended and your mind becomes quiet and peaceful as you focus your attention. You don't have negative thoughts running through your mind in these instances. Whenever you are practicing intentional focus, you can clear your mind and allow creativity to expand your capabilities to a higher level (right brain).

When the positive living experts tell you that you need strong, well identified goals that come from your heart to have success, they are right. You will need all of your resources focused on positive goals if you are trying to overcome any insecurity based thoughts that influence your life. When we choose to think and act from intention instead of reacting with established patterns, we replace our old belief system with new data. We may feel insecure for awhile or a little out of sink as this new information takes hold. When this new data becomes established and familiar we will then be comfortable and easy with the changes it engenders. We will need to be vigilant for awhile until the changes come. Until then it will take conscious effort to replace false thought with true thought every time it appears. If we don't know the truth in a given situation we just pray truth to dissolve the lie we feel is there. The spiritual force will do the work for us.

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