Financial Prosperity
This morning I was contemplating how I can have more money for my living expenses and be able to at least have a little left over for some extra things I've been doing without for a long time and also some things I need for my projects which are at a standstill because of their lack. At first I started to expect things from other sources than myself but soon realized that my problem stems from that kind of thinking.

The truth:
I am worthy and important and the things I create are of value. The services I share have value. When I 'know' this and it is a 'belief' and integrated deeply within my being and emanates from my heart, then I only connect with others (in the universal oneness) who feel the same way about themselves and their creations and services.

The lie:
Because of past programming, this life long feeling of unworthiness, unimportance and lack of value keeps us in a poverty state. It really doesn't matter who or what caused this false programming, what matters is that we aknowledge it as the problem it is, fully let it go and choose a new and real way to feel about ourselves. I have always had what I 'needed' but not very often what I 'wanted'. I survived on welfare, worked at (insecurity-based) low-wage jobs, tried 'money-making' programs and even got a college degree to help improve my situation (which never improved). I didn't realize that all that is needed is to 'change' this inner 'feeling' of unworthiness and unimportance which harbors the feeling that what we produce lacks value. This 'feeling' I so strongly believed in kept me at a lower energy capacity of expecting from sources that seldom or almost never came through for me.

Why don't they 'come through' for us? This feeling or 'belief' in our own lack sends forth energy to those we wish to 'sell' to that we are not portraying our product 'truthfully'. They back off  or want it 'cheap' because of what we 'feel' or 'believe' of ourselves. We feel valueless therefore what we 'make' has no value. The 'others' out there respond accordingly and we sell it cheaply or don't make a sale at all. We sabotage ourselves by our own sense of unworthiness. We don't take the time and effort to create our very best whenever we create. We don't realize we are trying to get a 'fast buck'. Therefore, we don't 'believe in' our own creation because we know 'deep down' we are trying to short change our customer by not giving it our very best.

To put forth our very best is to work with inspiration, quietness and patience for detail, love and passion for what we're doing and a sense of satisfaction and approval (from ourselves) for our finished work.  We know its value is limitless because it is a creation of our soul. We create because we love what we're doing and the money we get from it is a side benefit. When we feel this way, our energy will only connect with those who resonate with that same energy and they will place the same value on it as we do. So there is no advertising program proclaiming benefits of the product. It's energy (from you) draws the customer who's energy responds to it. If you are selling someone else's products with your goal to 'make money' you will send out energy that demands a sale at any price because your energy is 'insecurity' based. Your self-esteem and security needs  are embedded into any little successes you have causing very low universal energy connections. Inside you know you are 'wanting' something from that person. You don't care if they really want the product you are selling because you 'need' the money from the sale. You are 'using' them for your own benefit and inside themselves, they know this too and they back off. No one likes to be used.

Only when you are creating from true enjoyment without any 'need' to sell it will you attract someone who truly knows the value of what you offer. Your income is based on your belief that what you create is the very best you are capable of and your trust in yourself to always come through....for you!

The only reason the financial system in this world continues limping along is because the elite powers above the governments have a reason of their own to keep it going. They are the tiny percent at the top reaping all the bounty from all of us controlled by it. We are programmed by TV and the media to buy, buy, buy. We are emotionally geared to keep 'buying', even when we're 'broke'. That's why most of us are in debt and can't get out because of outrageously high interest rates. When we are functioning in this system, we buy and sell according to its principles which are 'profit based' and 'emotion motivated'. The 'energy' component to creativity and abundance does not apply. Only when we wake up and enter the 'creative energy' system do we understand the new way of sharing and blessing others as we are shared with and blessed ourselves. When money is no longer a component in this world, it will cease to exist altogether and we will all share as our energy draws us to others desiring what we would like or what we have to share.

What to do:
We only have to change our belief in ourselves to one of appreciation for what we do. When we begin to appreciate ourselves and the work we put into a special project we love, our energy level moves higher. Our consciousness expands and we 'feel' worthy and important. We feel that what we create has value and someone 'out there' will want it and will be willing and capable to pay an appropriate price for it.

We, as the creator, establish the value of that item or service by: 1... how we value it as our creative endeavor and much we value our own time and effort in the creation of it. Any other kind of work we invest our time and energy into will most likely at some point result in burn-out or illness.

The first sabotuer is 'impatience'. If we get in a hurry, we lose the feeling of crafting at our best. This lowers our energy because we instinctively know our product or service is not as good as it could be. A good motto is:  Take your time and do  it right the first time. I'ts either 'have patience and quietness of mind while working or keep correcting mistakes'. I know for sure I'm tired of correcting mistakes!

The second sabotuer is pride. Although we can admire and fall in love with our creation, it needs to be grounded in reality. God gave us our talents and abilities freely and although we developed and used them in our creation, it still is his/her inspiration and creativity energy and we give the honor where it is due. If we take all the glory for ourselves, we lose that inner creative guidance that animates what we do. It becomes a 'head' creation rather than a 'heart' creation and the energy level again lowers. Ego pride is based on fear which generates a strong need to let people know how good our product or service is (just in case they don't notice that!). We promote ourselves and our product because we 'need' that sale and are afraid to let go control. We try to control and manipulate the customer to buy.

Maybe the worst sabotuer is insecurity. If we let in old feelings of insecurity as to our own worth or the value of our work, this depletes our energy and stops our creativity. We become blocked and can't seem to be inspired or anyting we do is just not what we want it to be. Nothing ever gets finished. This sabotuer is deadly and can kill our projects and send us into depression. Many artists and creators of various kinds have stopped trying because of this and lost their will to continue their work. However, the potential is still there and the possibilities abound, so all they have to do is make a choice to step into a new creative possibility and the energy will again flow.

Of course all of these 'sabotuers' are inter-connected and there are many others but these, I have found to be the worst problems for me.

There are two aspects to our creative endeavors.One is our craft and the other is our service.If we balance the two, we keep from being wrapped up in ourselves. Our craft is physical and very personal and we know what it is from the talents and abilities that we love and develop. Our service is spiritual and 'other' oriented. How can we know what our service is? When we observe the patterns of failure we have broken through we have the answer.  Where do we now have peace and joy (or many other positive, wonderful emotions) rather than fear or guilt (or many other negative feelings)? This is where service comes in. We offer that energy of freedom  to others who are still in that place we've emerged from.

Service is in the heart of the individual. Only we know what it is we have been freed from and only those things can be shared with others and be integrated into their energy from ours if they resonate with it. This is where spiritual or soul growth happens. As we share, our energy lifts as the energy of those we share with, lifts. It is always a mutual growth. No one is ever 'better' or 'above' another. We learn, grow and change on an equal basis no matter where anyone's energy level is at the time.

God is the creator of all of us and 'all of us' dwell within the universal consciousness of him/her together. Our energy is what draws us humans to each other. Sometimes it is corelates that join us so we can learn and grow. Sometimes it is an energy connection that benefits people from a financial standpoint or from a creative endeavor. Maybe two join together out of their inner desire to marry and raise children. The joinings are numerous. Sometimes they can be negative energy connections such as insecurities, fears and power trips causing crimes, wars and misery.

Our inner heart or soul is the decision maker, the chooser of what is real and true for us. When this inner part of us is bathed in the light of the spirit through the awareness and integration of our higher consciousness, our energy becomes pure light as we remain in this awareness. This is our awareness of dwelling 'within' God. This is also our awareness that we are all expressions of that same life as he/she moves in powerful ways to draw our energies all back into his/her beingness. This is the 'now' of eternal existance.

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