Are You Living in Reality or Illusion?
The gift of free will

There comes a time on our personal, spiritual journey when it is time to evaluate whether we are truly living in reality or illusion. When our actions are mostly being motivated by thoughts relating to external circumstances and the subsequent emotions they create in us, we are not living our reality. We find ourselves being drawn into negative relationships and unpleasant situations in many areas of our lives because we are under the illusion that we have no control of what happens to us.

We forget that there is another aspect of ourselves that is very, very important. This is our 'will'. God gave us a soul, which consists of our mind, will and emotions. To understand about controlling your own mind, read Gaining Control of My Mind and to learn more about your emotions, read Understanding Your Emotions

Our will is a gift from God. He saw fit to make us His children and instilled in us a free will to make choices and learn and grow. We are not robots programmed to someone else's idea of what we should be or do but we act like we are when we give in to the world around us.

For a person to have a strong will and sense of self is an indication of a healthy personality not to be mistaken for a stubborn will which is actually an indication of an insecure or weak person. Also not to be mistaken for ego which expands in a selfish, fearful personality.

God isn't giving us another mind other than what we already have. When the illusions we live under are removed, the true mind is revealed. It has always been there but covered over by the lies and untruths we lived our lives by. Using our God empowered will is what brings our mind and emotions into proper use and establishes our renewed mind.

We 'set our will' according to what we believe and we make a stand, no matter what comes against it. It must be a firm resolve with strong assertive resolution or we will waver when opposition comes. Standing on Spiritual Scripture is so powerful because it is backed up by thousands of years of faith in the written truths. Connect that with what you know in your heart and your intuition and you have power in your choices and decisions that extend beyond the physical realm and will bring you victory.

We should guard our 'will' carefully from control by any other human being. It is so personally ours, it is what brings everything into our lives. Without us setting our will to things, they won't happen. Even if someone is controlling us, we still have set our 'will' to let them. If bad things are happening to us, somehow we have let our will go to let those things take place.

Just thinking about something won't bring it to pass unless we accept it, even illness comes to us that way. Someone visits us who has a cold and we just know they breathed their germs on us and we will to let that cold come in when we think, "I feel tired and my throat is scratchy now. I know I'm getting their cold."

Satan can't touch us in any area of our lives unless we will to let him. We can feel guilty about something untrue said about us and we will to let guilty feelings come in. We can feel bad about what someone says and will to let in depression or feelings of rejection. It is our will that always establishes what happens or doesn't happen, even when this happens in our subconscious and we aren't aware. This is because at some point in our lives we have given ground in that area and we never took it back.

Never surrender your will to anyone, ever, not to parents, not to friends, not to husband, not to wife, not to children, not to boss, nor to lover, only to God. When you surrender your will to Him, it cements your will into His and your will is established with the strength and power of His will. You have become incorporated into the will of God Himself. Then you are His instrument to bring the Kingdom to earth.

So we can assuredly and boldly stand before anyone and command forth the word of God and live by the truth in our heart with no excuses. Never falter when you know what's right for you. When you are feeling the life of God in your choice and all is balanced and your energy is flowing positively, you are in the Spirit! Go with it! No one can stand in your way.

When your will is united with God's will and God joins you with someone who also is united to Him, you will meet on an equal basis, no control, no manipulation. You both will respect and honor the free will of each other as sacred. You will freely be who you are, truly be able to enjoy each other to the fullest and be natural and real together. This is where trust can grow and love can develop because you are living in reality. Anything else is illusion.

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